Straightforward Guidelines For Strategies In Business Lending

We have maintained our scale while continues remixing, we've been doing that now constantly for the last two years, we're remixing on credit cards, towards credit cards and GPL on the asset side, and towards demand deposits on the liability side, very happy with the results we're obtaining. We're keep generating very strong revenues and very strong core revenues, thanks to a very good customer acquisition Massi. This year we have acquired 730,000 new active customers and in just in 2013 this number was 2,50,000, in 2014 was 5,00,000, in 2015 with 7,00,000 and this year the new record with 730,000 this is -- thanks to the investments that we did in 2014. Disciplined cost control, we are heavily leveraging digitalization, we're investing -- we've been investing a lot in 2015 and the results have been started to be seen in 2016 and we're still more to harvest in this arena. And controlled asset quality, this is the main focus that we had in terms of structural investments during 2016 and you'll see the full boom up effect starting in 2017 and 2018. Going to the numbers, page four, in terms of profitability first box on the top left, we are better than guidance, so net income went up 54% from TRY1.9 billion to TRY2.9 billion. (inaudible) the ROATE going up 317 basis points and 9.7% to 12.8%. All of these, increasing our capital base from 13.8% to 14.2% and without letting go the loan-to-depo ratio that as you all know, I've always stated -- we've always want to stay below 115% and this year we closed at 110%. In terms of scale, in line with our guidance, loan market share pretty much overall sector, we are flat at 10.2% compared to private market we grew a little bit from 16% to 16.4%, but mostly and most important for us is the deposit market share where we grew from 10.2% to 10.6%.

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